Projects - Past and Present

Here you will find some descriptions of projects that I have worked on which will give you some insight into the life of a wooden sign maker and the process that takes a kernel of an idea into a beautiful and eye-catching wooden sign for your business or house.
Wooden sign - The Milking Parlour

The Milking Parlour


It's lucky I'm quite good at woodcarving - because I'm no good with computers (this image seems to be upside-down - maybe cows like it that way sometimes!)

Wooden sign - Cherry Tree Cottage

Cherry Tree Cottage - carved wooden sign


This sign was unusual in having a dark stained background - looks good though.

Wooden sign - Domaine de Mournac

A sign for France


It's nice to help the country's balance of payments sometimes with a sign going abroad!

Wooden sign - toadstool cottage

Magic Mushoom Sign?


I believe these mushrooms are called Fly Agaric? - not good to eat but very good as a motif!

wooden sign - mini potters

Sign for a pottery


A sign for another small craft business (like mine!) - she is just starting out a a small potter and wants to do courses too

Wooden sign - Lavender leap

Lavender Leap


An unusual sign this one ,with a very rural feel.

Robin's Retreat - wooden sign

Robin's Retreat


This was for a children's charity that have a space in Leigh Woods, Bristol.

Wooden sign - Scott's place.

Something fishy!


Something fishy about this wooden sign! - for a shed belonging to a man who keeps carp.
The lettering was carved as well as being painted - not obvious from the photo.

Wooden house sign - Namaste

Wooden house sign - elephant!


Really enjoyed doing this elephant - not a very common motif and an even more unusual name!

Bespoke wooden sign for florist design

Sign for a florists


Sometimes customers send me mock-ups of a design they would like for a sign, as I can carve almost anything - and this is a good example. 

You will see that in the end they wanted it a bit wider and with a different font. 

As you may imagine, it is for a florist to go above the shop. 

Smokehouse wooden farm sign woodcott

Smokehouse Project


I made an interesting and unusual wooden farm sign for a man who had built a barn on his property.

Wildlife Viewing Seat sign Cornwall

Wildlife Viewing Seat


This sign went down to Cornwall - a lovely place to spend the rest of it’s days!
The customer kindly sent me this photo.
I believe I supplied it with a natural finish (and the oak would turn grey or silver grey in the weather, but not rot, if left natural) - but it looks as though the customer has put a finish on the sign (maybe Danish oil?) - it will certainly need some attention in the future as I imagine the weather is pretty hard on anything in such an exposed place!

Muttleys cafe wooden sign

Muttley's cafe sign


This was a lovely commission - for a little cafe (you can guess the name). They gave me a picture of the dog to work from and said they wanted something just to stand on the bar and add a bit of character. Duck-egg blue and brown are the cafe’s colours - as you can imagine.

Koodora wooden sign

A nice seaside look to this one...


White lettering always looks good and the blue background really works.

Hammond's Farm wooden sign with two fonts

A combination of two fonts can work well


Often customers come up with good ideas for my wooden house signs and the owners of this farm house have certainly done this - it isn’t often that combining two fonts works so well.

If you would like this sort of affect for your sign just specify ‘calligraphy font’ for the first letters.

St Martin's Post Office Wooden Sign Finished

A Special Job for St. Martin's Post Office


From time to time here at Woodcott Signs I do a very special job - one that will stand out in my memory for a long time amongst the more regular ones - and this one is certainly in this category.

Two Woods wooden sign - the finished sign

Two Woods - wooden sign project


I’ve just done a lovely and interesting sign for a country estate wedding venue that has worked out very well.
they wanted a main sign approaching a metre wide and of quite a depth too so I had to use one of my largest pieces of oak (not wanting to join pieces for this job). It is one of the largest wooden signs I have made this year

Wooden Sign Fair

The life of a craftsman


Some of the ups and downs of being a self-employed craftsman.

Rob Eyley of Woodcott Signs with some thoughts on why I spend my life carving wooden signs for a living -

Wooden sign making tools

Sharpening those tools


Rob from Woodcott Signs again talking about the wooden signs I make.
I thought I’d share with you my methods (and particularly one contraption) for sharpening carving tools – chisels and gouges, because it is not much use having all the skill in the world if your tools are blunt!

Lyra's personalised wooden sign

Personalised wooden signs


Wooden signs I make can be personalised to any design the customer wants. They are always individually made any way so this does not always involve more work - and makes work a bit more interesting for me, knowing that the sign is satisfying somebody’s particular wish.

Yacht Sign Wooden Bodriggan

Sweet Sign With Yacht Motif


A rather sweet little sign with a motif of the customer’s yacht.
It can be difficult to do thin lines like the rigging here - but it seems to work on this one.

Sign without finish

A "Naked" Sign


I have put this in to show customers how a sign looks just carved - in this case i went on to paint it but sometimes just the carved look can look very classy (where clarity is not the main thing - as in some lighting they can be hard to read).

Funny wooden sign

The devil is in the detail


This was a bit of an unusual sign that I will probably put on the rustic page of the website! It is sometimes difficult to decide where example photos should go - this one could easily be on the page of unusual and business signs instead or as well.

Thatchers Wooden Sign

BIG job for Thatchers Cider


I received a normal looking email some time ago asking me how much a carving similar to the carved whale illustrated on the home page of my website might cost - I believe I gave a rather vague reply because such things depend on size and the complexity the customer wants.

- Anyway, it turns out that it was the designer for Thatchers Cider that was asking and it has led to the largest job I have ever done, several months of work and many thousands earned!