Wooden house signs, bespoke and beautifully hand carved in the uk and established in 1979.

Woodcott is a very small business in Bristol, UK but we hand-carve bespoke signs in oak and custom design many wooden signs, so we need a lot of photos to show the many possibilities.

We make a wide range of wooden house signs and other wooden signs with or without a motif (almost any motif possible). The choice of lettering is between capitals or lower case lettering in our usual style - based on Roman Trajan, or any other font style you may require.

Whatever your signage requirements please get in touch (including all details) and we can give you an immediate quotation - or phone if you need special advice.

Most house signs between £80 and £150

We also make village signs, farm signs and stable signs, shop signs, school signs and memorial plaques - a range of individual. personalized, hand made quality products to almost ant specification that the customer choses.

Being bespoke and carved by hand, please remember - anything is possible!

Latest Blog Post

Bespoke wooden sign for florist design

Sometimes customers send me mock-ups of a design they would like for a sign, as I can carve almost anything - and this is a good example. 

You will see that in the end they wanted it a bit wider and with a different font. 

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