About Our Wooden House Signs

All the lettering on our wooden house signs and business signs is hand-carved after being drawn out with such modern technology as a pencil and ruler. Arranging celtic lettering, for example, on an oval house sign is still best done by the human being! As a result we are infinitely flexible in what size and style of lettering we can carve and how it is fitted onto the plaque. If you would like an unusual size or style on your wooden house sign or business sign just email or phone us, when we can give you advice and often an immediate quotation.


The Finish Of Our Wood Signs


Most people in the countryside and also many in town like the look of naturally faded oak for their house signs and business signs. Oak signs gradually turn to an attractive grey or silver-grey colour but the timber is very durable. The paint work, if any, on the lettering or motif is equally durable but does not change colour. Though we recommend the 'natural' look it is possible for a small additional cost to put a finish on your sign of Osmo oil (with UV protection), but the sign will need further coats in future years to keep looking its best.

Osmo oil (with UV protection) is like a superior varnish but with a satin finish.

This is an example of a house sign after many years' exposure to the weather.

Weathered sign without varnish

Osmo oil keeps the sign brown but will need maintainance.

Varnished sign

Info on Shackles For Hanging Signs


A good option for hanging signs is a stainless steel shackle, which I have in stock and can supply at cost price plus a little for fitting. Screwing eyes or hooks into the top of a sign is not as secure a method, as weather and rust might cause a failure of the fixing and the sign could fall down.

If you chose the shackle option I would make the holes.


Wooden sign shackle