Two Woods - wooden sign project

Two Woods wooden sign - the finished sign
Two Woods wooden sign - work in progress
Two Woods - wooden sign logo

I’ve just done a lovely and interesting sign for a country estate wedding venue that has worked out very well.
they wanted a main sign approaching a metre wide and of quite a depth too so I had to use one of my largest pieces of oak (not wanting to join pieces for this job). It is one of the largest wooden signs I have made this year
It is rare to find such a lovely logo but as you see in the first photo, it is beautifully designed and very suitable for carving - depicting, as it does, a charming tree and quite a special font. Also something you may not notice immediately (I didn’t until I came to carve that bit) - it has a heart shape in the middle made out of the small branches.

We discussed a few possible shapes and arrangements but, as the logo is so special, I recommended a rectangle and the customers also wanted to go for a rustic look because of the rural setting so we settled on a natural finish, a wavy edge and a bit of ‘distressing around the edges.
Like most timbers oak left natural will gradually turn grey or silver grey with exposure to the weather but , unlike most timbers, it is very durable and will not rot. This finish suited the customers well although we did discuss adding Osmo oil (the only oiled finish I recommend).

As you can imagine, preparation of the large piece of oak took a while - I had to plane it by hand (very hard work!) as it was too wide to go through my thicknesser,
In the second photo you will see it partly carved - mostly done to this stage with a V tool. It may look at a casual glance as if most of the carving is done but this is not the case and time-wise it is perhaps only a quarter of the way through the carving.
the final photo is of the sign ready to send, all painted in and finished off - it took over two days in all.

I had already decided to feature this sign here but with very good timing I have just received an email today from the customers saying thank you and featuring the word WOW! amongst other nice things said - I think they liked it!