BIG job for Thatchers Cider

Thatchers Wooden Sign

I received a normal looking email some time ago asking me how much a carving similar to the carved whale illustrated on the home page of my website might cost - I believe I gave a rather vague reply because such things depend on size and the complexity the customer wants.

- Anyway, it turns out that it was the designer for Thatchers Cider that was asking and it has led to the largest job I have ever done, several months of work and many thousands earned!

If I was clever enough I would know how to put the design drawings on here as they are quite impressive but I will have to content myself with photos of the work I have done.

The job is for a special pub renevation near Weston Super mare in Somerset, The Railway Inn, owned by Thatchers cider and to be the ‘flagship’ for their business.
My work has entailed carving ten large plaques (about 450 x 400mm) to go across the bar, illustrating cider making through the ages - from illustrations by graham Jones the designer. There is much more work for me as well but for now I will post some photos of some of the plaques -

Thatchers Cider Wooden Sign
Thatchers Cider Early Work on sign
Thatchers cider wooden sign
Thatchers Cider sign for pub - Cheers!


You may notice that there are small bees in these carved plaques - the customer wanted bees as a theme going through all the work in a subtle way - flying around here and there (obviously attracted by the small of the apple blossoms and the cider)


Thatchers Cider wooden sign
Notice the small bees in the carving