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Personalised wooden signs - Lyra's Room
Established 1979
Wooden signs - Buddha Bar

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Wooden sign - Poop Deck
Wooden sign - Grove Cottage
Wooden signs - Prawles Court
Wooden business signs - Ella's Bar
Personalised hand-carved wooden signs - Woodcott Signs

Wooden sign - 15 The Old Farmhouse
Personalised wooden sign - Mill Meadow

Welcome to our website          

The illustrations here are just a very small selection - each sign is different and individually hand-carved !              

 Woodcott is a very small business in Bristol, UK but we hand-carve in oak and custom design many signs, so we need a lot of photos to show the many possibilities (click here to see six pages of examples :  House signs and wooden signs  ).  

Prices and Ordering
Most house signs are in the range £75 - £150.
Complex and large signs can of course be more.
The amount of carving work is the major constituent of the price and, with large signs, the cost of the oak.

To find our 'prices and ordering' page please click on the 'Sign Example Photos' button top left above, go to one of our six example gallery pages and you will find the prices/ordering link there.

About the signs
Being in durable oak our wooden signs have that special look - and with exposure over time to the weather they actually get more character without rotting - see Lower Shockerwick sign or School Cottage sign for examples. 
If you want a smarter look a varnished finish is an alternative. 
Personalised service and design come with any wooden sign a customer orders.

We started woodworking in 1979 so we have plenty of experience and hope that, although we are not a big business, in our case 'small is beautiful'.
We like doing signs to suit the customer's personal taste and can copy logos, photographs etc or design something to suit - all made out of superb oak. 
Our work has lettering hand-carved in the traditional manner but the font is not always traditional and often has colour added to improve clarity.

Range available
We make a wide range of wooden house signs and other wooden signs with or without a motif (almost any motif possible). The choice of lettering is between capitals or lower case lettering in our usual style - based on Roman Trajan, or any other font style you may require.
We also make village signs, farm signs and stable signs, shop signs, school signs and memorial plaques - a range of individual. personalized, hand made quality products to almost ant specification that the customer choses. 

Whatever your signage requirements please email (including all details) and we can give you an immediate quotation - or phone if you need special advice. 

Being bespoke and carved by hand, please remember -                      anything is possible!

Wooden house sign - Foxhounds
Hand-carved wooden sign - Sapperton
Personalised wooden sign - Apple Tree Cottage
Wooden house signs - Crooked Cottage
Wooden sign - Folly Lane
Wooden house signs - Snowdrop Cottage
Personalised house sign - Half Moon House
Hand carved wooden signs - School Cottage
Personalised wooden signs - Tracey's Veggie Garden
Wooden sign - Darlyon

Hand carved wooden sign - Great skin is always in fashion

Wooden sign - Chilli & Spice and all things nice

For some examples of carvings we used to do, mostly for fire surrounds, please click here.

For many years, with my partner Andy, I used to make fire surrounds but we have now stopped, Andy has returned to his first love - painting landscapes, and I have specialised in carved house signs - something I love doing too.

Woodcott Signs (Rob Eyley)
The Reclamation Yard, 3 Park rd, Southville Bristol.  BS3 1PU

Phone: 07775503401
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Did you know?..............

The oak is the largest and longest lived of our native species generally living to several hundred years of age unless felled (usually for timber) which is not often done before maturity at about 150 years. Before the introduction of continental species the oak was, in most areas of Britain, the dominant species of our native woodland and often still – caused not by any aggressive tendencies but as a function of its longevity. The oak affords a habitat for as many as 500 species of insects in it’s foliage and bark but has such powers of recouperation that the tree and – for us the important bit – the timber does not suffer.
In the past much of our natural woodland had oak as a dominant tree mostly because of its longevity but the introduction of very rampant species such as sycamore has threatened this  in some places.
All the oak we use at Woodcott Signs has been thorougly seasoned and comes from sustainably managed woodlands.

House signs of character from Woodcott

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