Wooden Signs by Woodcott 

Beautifully hand-crafted wooden signs made in the uk and established since 1979.

Wooden signs by Woodcott - personalise your signs however you want, you can browse previous wood signs which have been complete by selecting one of the gallery pages including:

Our wood signs are made in the UK, by hand. Apart from signs for yourself they make a great present. 

You can make your wood sign as personal as you want by adding your own wording and motif which will then be carved into the best quality oak. 

Welcome to our website.

The illustrations here are just a very small selection - each sign is different and individually hand-carved !

Woodcott is a very small business in Bristol, UK but we hand-carve in oak and custom design many signs, so we need a lot of photos to show the many possibilities.

(click here to see six pages of examples : House signs and wooden signs ).

Prices and Ordering

House signs start from about £75 but there are many other sorts of signs - and complex and large signs can of course cost more.
The amount of carving work is the major constituent of the price and, with large signs, the cost of the oak.

To find our 'prices and ordering' page please click on the 'Sign Example Photos' button top left above, go to one of our six example gallery pages and you will find the prices/ordering link there.

About the signs

Being in durable oak our wooden signs have that special look - and with exposure over time to the weather they actually get more character without rotting - see Lower Shockerwick sign or School Cottage sign for examples.
If you want a smarter look a varnished finish is an alternative. , the Woodcott Signs personalised service and design come with any wooden sign a customer orders.

Range available

We make a wide range of wooden house signs and other wooden signs with or without a motif (almost any motif possible). The choice of lettering is between capitals or lower case lettering in our usual style - based on Roman Trajan, or any other font style you may require.

We also make village signs, farm signs and stable signs, shop signs, school signs and memorial plaques - a range of individual. personalized, hand made quality products to almost ant specification that the customer choses.

Whatever your signage requirements please email (including all details) and we can give you an immediate quotation - or phone if you need special advice.

Being bespoke and carved by hand, please remember - anything is possible!

You may be interested in seeing some old fire surround motifs we used to make that can be adapted for use on signs.

wood varnished sign
non varnished wood sign
wood sign - whale
robs wood sign music

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